Aug. 7, 2017

From the heart of Detroit, Body Mechanic delivers a fiercely local mix of hometown productions ahead of his new GASS Records single ‘U Can’ to be released on September 8th.

This mix takes off, lift you up and slaps you around like a warehouse crowd. Never dropping the pace, Body Mechanic keeps mixing fast, moving through moods and styles with a tough as nails dance out. The addictive momentum is ultimately a tribute to love and unity as well as a badge of pride showcasing some of Detroits greatest musical legends such as Drexciya, Aztec Mystic, Terrence Dixon before finishing up with a premiere of his own original Body Mechanic production including U Can’. 

Body Mechanic - Mix Master Style 
Rennie Foster - Floatilla
Aztec Mystic - Jaguar
Drivetrain - This is Detroit
DJ Psycho - Wires 
Terrance Dixon - Bonus Beat Remix 
Folson & TateRound - Tables
Floorplan -Sun in the Sky 
Boyard - Maklatch
Body Mechanic - Blue Monday (Sean Tate Mix)
Lego tha Cook - Soul 
John Collins - All we need
Rick Wilhite - Dreams of Yesterday 
DJ Bone - Detroit is Soul
Dimitri Pike - Parallelism 
Drexciya - Lardossa
Suburban Knight - The Worlds
Body Mechanic - U Can't